Colour Seasons

Bright Spring

The Bright Spring palette is energetic, bright, clear, and enthusiastic. 

Imagine embracing the promise of a new day from a Greek Island villa balcony filled with fuchsia bougainvillea climbing whitewashed walls; or the fun and whimsy of laughing with your best friends as you make your way through a road race event covered in vibrant colours that mark each charitable kilometer; or the splendour of an impressive bird of paradise bouquet, including complements of tangerine gerbera daisies, tousled coral peonies, and glossy amethyst orchids in a sunlit room painted a cool Tiffany Blue. 

True Spring

True Spring colours are cheerful, clear, lush, and animated.   

Imagine the bliss of walking along a blond, tropical beach before floating in the glimmering, clear turquoise water under a sky filled with bright sunshine; or the wonderment of finding your grandmother’s hand-stitched quilt, crafted from bright squares of patterned aquamarine, Kelly green, and coral, all bound together with butter toffee ribbon; or the excitement of what’s to come when happening on a robins’ nest of tiny blue-green eggs nestled snugly in the hollow of a mossy tree trunk that draws your eye down to a bed of Golden Parade tulips. 

Light Spring

Light Spring’s palette is light, clear, gleaming, and spirited.  

Imagine a group of your favourite people delighting around a picnic table set with fresh pineapple, honeydew melon, and airy lemon chiffon cakes crowned with buttercream icing; or the pure pleasure of watching a paddling of ducklings huddled close to their mother as they collectively swim toward a bevy of aquatic plants alive with nourishment; or the sense of renewal created by cheerful blooms of crocuses, daffodils, and tulips stretching toward the new buds on bare tree branches overhead, and then opening to soak up the golden glow of the sun.   

Light Summer

The Light Summer palette is uplifting, buoyant, full-bodied, and serene.  

Imagine time enough to enjoy a long-awaited book on a worn-in lakefront dock of birch grey and occasionally looking out to admire the glimmering aqua jewel in front of you; or the tranquility of floating in the scene depicted by Monet’s “Waterlilies” while in a lightly weathered tin boat that is reflecting the painting’s harmonious shades of pink, lavender, lilac, and gentle watery blues; or the transcendence of experiencing the iconic, fleeting phenomenon of the blooming Japanese cherry blossoms along a still, serene canal mirroring soft pink petals and a clear blue sky. 

True Summer

The True Summer palette is gentle, misty, refined, and quietly captivating.  

Imagine walking through an abundant garden that offers both beauty and bounty, consisting of showstopper groupings such as a border of butterfly bushes that frame the blooms of ancient pink Damask roses, flourishing hydrangeas, and tiny, perfect blueberries that are ripe for picking; or sipping your coffee in quiet contemplation of the productive day ahead as dawn breaks by unveiling the hazy pinks and purples of first light; or simply taking in the view of a fresh-water lake so still the top is like glass while seagulls float overhead and you relish in a well-earned break. 

Soft Summer

The Soft Summer palette is composed, tempered, natural, and sophisticated. 

Imagine entering a desert ravine defined by curving, vertical walls of polished pink stone and hiking alongside the river within, which runs with clean, dark water coloured Arabian teal; or decorating a secluded, woodland cottage made of natural cedar with dried hydrangea blooms and a log display of silver birch; or taking in the view of a still lake reflecting a distant, silhouetted mountain range while standing in a meadow of uncut grass and wildflowers on a day cloaked in a light, protective mist. 

Soft Autumn

The Soft Autumn palette is peaceful, toasted, rustic, and graceful. 

Imagine sipping a delicate pink Pinot Gris while overlooking rows of sun-filtered grapevine and late-summer lavender after a day of experiencing the best winery retreat in France; or the anticipation of gathering family on your newly designed stone patio, complete with an herb garden in timeless terracotta pots and walls of blush climbing roses; or wearing your favourite caramel-coloured cashmere cardigan as you wander through the most secluded part of an early autumn orchard under shadowy clouds and past a sea of ripening golden russet apples. 

True Autumn

The True Autumn palette is terrestrial, golden, cozy, and generous.   

Imagine a road trip that takes you past swaths of sunflowers and goldenrod lining gilded wheat fields on your way to the blazing shades of russet, orange, and gold of fall foliage in Ontario; or a Sunday afternoon at the cottage spent preparing a generously-spiced heirloom crockpot recipe while a wood burning fire radiates warmth and comfort; or setting up an outdoor easel to capture in oil a woodland scene, set in the late afternoon sun, that portrays a tumbling leash of fox pups playing by a pond’s edge as a green-winged Teal flies to safety overhead.    

Dark Autumn

The Dark Autumn palette is spiced, lush, textured, and opulent.  

Imagine sitting atop a desert sand dune of ochre and gold overlooking a rare, verdant oasis while enjoying the last of a Moroccan sunset; or savouring a jammy Pinot Noir, rich with notes of plum, on a chilly afternoon in the comfort of a vintage, cognac leather club chair placed perfectly by a slow-burning fire of red-hot embers; or the shaded serenity of a waterfall deep in the woods pouring into a pool below, which is naturally coloured by the iron and tannins of the surrounding moss-covered rock.  

Dark Winter

The Dark Winter palette is rich, smooth, enchanting and luxurious. 

Imagine looking up past the fine, visible mist of your breath at a cold, clear, winter’s night sky of deep blue covered in a blanket of piercing and impossibly perfect stars; or taking a moonlit walk on a forest trail lined with silvery bark dancing in the shadows, and dotted with deep red berries, all highlighted by the transient pops of fireflies; or attending a black-tie winter wonderland ball, complete with burgundy tuxedo jackets, smooth velvet gowns, black magic roses, and reserve sturgeon caviar served with Jewel of Russia vodka.

True Winter

The True Winter palette is clear, bold, unambiguous, and powerful.  

Imagine slicing through snow-covered pines, led by a team of eager Alaskan Huskies in crimson harnesses, until the narrow trail breaks open to reveal a shimmering frozen lake and softly falling snow; or being captivated by an elite crown jewel collection overflowing with illuminated diamonds, rubies, sapphires, and emeralds in a palace setting steeped in history and luxury; or an evening under the bunting-style Christmas lights twinkling on Main Street, Park City as you look forward to celebrity sightings, gallery-crawling, downhill skiing, and the Sundance Film Festival.  

Bright Winter

The Bright Winter palette is confident, extreme, exhilarating, and modern.   

Imagine dancing through the streets of Rio, past stunning scenery in an extravagant costume, made to emulate the rare pink peacock, with millions of Cariocas brought together by music and vibrant colour; or being perfectly positioned in the comfort of a Finnish glass igloo while gazing up in awe at a sky of midnight blue and dancing, electrically charged aurora borealis; or the determination of fresh green sprouts emerging through effervescent snow, brought to life by the bright white light of renewed sunshine filling a deep blue sky.   

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