About Us

Personal Colour Analysis

At is simplest, Personal Colour Analysis (PCA) is a scientific process that determines your unique blend of colour characteristics and, in turn, your best colours. The colours in your personal palette always work together and they always work for you.

Our Studio

Our dedicated Colour Studio is a fusion of elegant style and the relaxed atmosphere of Muskoka cottage countryIt is designed for private and personalized attention throughout the Personal Colour Analysis process and the consultations that follow.   

Founder Message

Welcome to The Colour Consultancy, where we believe that colour is the most impactful place to start forming an intentional image that defines and enhances everything about you At the heart of The Colour Consultancy lies my life-long and total appreciation for the transformative potential of colour, cosmetics, and all things styleCoupled with my passion for colour is a formal education in business, decades of international corporate experience, and a commitment to professionalism.  I am proud to be a trusted partner in your journey of personal expression.

Kimberley Woodcock

Founder, Principal, Bright Spring

Our Team

We are structured to expand. If you are passionate about colour, style, and empowering others; if you like the idea of running your own business with the support of established operational and administrative functions; if you are interested in becoming a Personal Colour Analyst; or if you are already a practicing Personal Colour Analyst, Makeup Artist, or Stylist with a desire to be part of team, contact us.

Our Colour Network

The Colour Consultancy is a proud member of Chrysalis Colour, a worldwide community of colour analysts united in our commitment to the Sci\ART methodologyOur collective ethos is the celebration of colour as a powerful tool in the pursuit of outer beauty and the inner freedom of empowerment and confidence.

Colour Palettes

Colour fans and cards are popular tools that provide an on-hand visual of your personal colour paletteThey are designed to help you make better shopping choices, spend less, and return lessThe Colour Consultancy is partnered with NDU Colors, a North American supplier of colour tools designed by a certified Sci\ART trainer with more than 30 years of experience and a Personal Colour Analyst trained in the Sci\ART methodology.

What Our Clients Say


"It's even more fun with friends!"


"Great consultant and an easy-going atmosphere.  Fun!"


"This is not your 80’s colour analysis!  It’s transformative."


"I can’t believe how much I learned!"


"Give yourself this gift. It's so much more than you expect."


"What an eye-opener!  This can work for anyone."



"The benefits of colour are more than meets the eye!"