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best colours

The Power of Colour

Through colour we radiate energy, mood, personality, and image combinedColour provokes, inspires, and conveysIt communicates and, whether we know it or not, we all speak the language.

What We Do

Beginning with Personal Colour Analysis, we combine the science of colour theory and the art of style to help you form and present an intentional image that defines and enhances everything about you.   

Seeing is Believing

Your best colours ensure you look radiant, healthy, capable, and younger. They can brighten complexion; even skin tone; smooth skin texture; neutralize redness; improve natural contouring; slim face shape; add energy; and more.

Our Clients

The power of colour is universal, and it belongs to everyone.  We help people of all backgrounds, ethnicities, abilities, pigments, shapes, sizes, genders, and sexual orientationWe welcome all and we celebrate individual beauty.

Sci\Art Methodology

The Colour Consultancy employs the Sci\ART methodology of Personal Colour Analysis (PCA). Sci\ART founder and Master Munsell Colourist, Kathryn Kalisz, succeeded in applying the Munsell Colour Order system to Personal Colour Analysis (PCA) and advancing the practice well beyond its more humble beginnings Today, Sci\ART is the most highly advanced and scientifically accurate PCA methodology available.

Colour Seasons

The arrangement of colours in the Munsell Ordering System and the Sci\ART methodology are set out to flow according to nature.  It and assigns the millions of colours we see into 12 harmony groups Each tonal group, or ‘Season’, is attributed with different predominant colour characteristics defined by hue, value and chroma.  The method is called ’12 Season Colour Analysis’.  The 12 seasons are made up of four main (true) seasons, namely Spring, Summer, Autumn, and Winter, which are all further categorized to represent and include the many variations of human colouring.

What Our Clients Say


"It's even more fun with friends!"


"Great consultant and an easy-going atmosphere.  Fun!"


"This is not your 80’s colour analysis!  It’s transformative."


"I can’t believe how much I learned!"


"Give yourself this gift. It's so much more than you expect."


"What an eye-opener!  This can work for anyone."



"The benefits of colour are more than meets the eye!"