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The Gift

Just for Me

In-Studio Personal Colour Analysis


3 Hours

Treat yourself to a revelationPersonal Colour Analysis in our dedicated Colour Studio is a scientific, deductive process that connects you with you.  The analysis is completed in a private, judgement-free, and fun environment with a trained Colour Consultant. The process determines your unique blend of colour characteristics and, in turn, your best colours. The consultation includes the analysis, the results, a colour palette introduction, a simple makeup look (optional), and a reveal photoAfter the consultation, we provide a customized Client Report, your Seasonal Colour Palette in a phone friendly e-format, and a digital picture of your colour transformation.

Shutter Speed Analysis

Express In-Studio Personal Colour Analysis


1 Hour Client Time; 3 Hours Analyst Time

A hybrid in-studio and virtual option, this analysis begins by meeting in person for an introduction, question and answer period, swift natural colouring assessment, and a series of photos using test fabrics.  Following the express appointment, a trained Personal Colour Analyst will use the observations made in person together with the series of photos taken to complete a comprehensive analysis of your unique colour characteristics using the scientific, deductive process that is applied to our in-studio method. Your results are delivered in a customized Colour Season Report.

Better Together

In-Studio Personal Colour Analysis for 2

$700; $350 per Person

6 Hours

It’s even more fun with a friend!  Experience the benefits of our In-Studio Personal Colour Analysis experience with one of your nearest and dearest.  Both of you benefit from a comprehensive analysis and a full results packageThe consultation includes the analysis, the results, an introduction to your seasonal colour palettes, light refreshments, a simple makeup look for each client (optional), and reveal photosAfter the consultation, we provide customized Client Reports, Seasonal Colour Palettes in a phone friendly e-format, and digital pictures of your colour transformations. 

Read My Lipstick

In-Studio Cosmetics Consultation


2 Hours

From skin colour correction and foundation matching to pout plumping formulas and eye-popping hues, this cosmetics consultation is tailored to address your burning questions and key concernsStarting with the results of your Personal Colour Analysis, we meet you where you are in your makeup journey to ensure that you increase your knowledge base, improve your application techniques, and know how to choose products that will work for youWhether you’re looking for an easy-to-achieve daily look or aiming to wow everyone at an upcoming special event, we’ve got you covered.

Closet Confessions

In-Studio Wardrobe Edit


2 Hours

The colours in your personal palette always work together and they always work for you.  Applying your palette to your clothing is the start of a capsule-like wardrobe that is easy to work with, costs less overall, and supports a radiant and put-together imageA trained Colour Consultant first teaches you how to recognize the colours in your personal palette when shopping by using technical variables and a process called ‘harmonization’.  You are introduced to a few helpful tools before working with the Consultant to identify which of your go-to clothing items are palette and style friendlyYou are welcome to bring a maximum of twenty-five (25) items to the consultation.   

Colour Me Virtual

Personal Colour E-Consultation


No travel, no meetings, and no time out of your busy schedule are needed to achieve efficient yet accurate and highly impactful answers to your colour questions.  What are the key features of your best coloursWarm or coolBright or softLight or darkAlthough a Personal Colour E-Consultation doesn’t result in a confirmed Colour Season, it does provide valuable information about your best colours. You submit carefully taken photos and a trained Colour Consultant completes a comprehensive assessment of your unique colour characteristics using an adaptation of the scientific, deductive process that is applied to our in-studio methodYour results are delivered in the form of a customized Personal Chromatic Profile.  

Colour Me Virtual Tutorial

Personal Colour Online Tutorial


1 Hour

Do you have questions after receiving the results of your Personal Colour E-Consultation? This is a one-hour online consultation with a trained Colour Consultant who walks you through the scientific, deductive assessment process of your Personal Colour Analysis; discusses your results; provides recommendations about how to determine your best colours using key characteristics; and explains how to apply your best colours to your clothes, makeup, and hair. Online tutorials are also available to those who have not yet benefited from a Personal Colour Analysis.

Colour Me Virtual Deluxe

Personal Colour Online Consultation


This is the full Colour Me Virtual package at a preferred price.  A trained Colour Consultant completes a comprehensive assessment of your unique colour characteristics using your carefully taken photos and the same deductive process that is applied to our in-studio methodYour results are delivered in a customized electronic Personal Chromatic Profile and a one-hour online Personal Colour Tutorial.

Pop-up Analysis Shop

Mobile Colour Studio

$125 per hour, including travel, plus mileage

Have colour, will travel!  Celebrate the people in your life with colour.  Is it your mom’s milestone birthday?  Is your best friend getting married?  Has your sister finally been promoted into her first executive job?  Whether a mom, a bride, a new executive, or the work team who never lets you down, add the fun of Personal Colour Analysis to the event that honours them.    

Shop With Me

Personal Shopping

$125 per hour, including travel, plus mileage

In the right colours and style, a person presents as radiant, authentic, and pulled together. They take up the right amount of space in a concrete and purposeful, but not exaggerated, way. Take us with you to create an easy and effective wardrobe based on your best colours, a wardrobe that contains only items you love, a wardrobe full of clothing and accessories that all work together and all work for you. Let us help to steer clear of the shopping mistakes commonly made after a Personal Colour Analysis and achieve a wardrobe that defines and enhances everything about you

Gift of Colour

The Colour Consultancy E-Gift Card

Suggested Value: $250 – $500

Give the gift of confidence and unique style with an e-gift card from The Colour ConsultancyHelp a bride-to-be decide which white, or red, will be sure to create radiance on her wedding day; support a friend approaching a milestone birthday to take on the next chapter feeling beautiful and in charge; or give an edge to the person in pursuit of a big career move with the look of intelligence, intention, and capabilityWhatever the occasion, the gift of colour is sure to be meaningful and long-lasting.

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"It's even more fun with friends!"


"Great consultant and an easy-going atmosphere.  Fun!"


"This is not your 80’s colour analysis!  It’s transformative."


"I can’t believe how much I learned!"


"Give yourself this gift. It's so much more than you expect."


"What an eye-opener!  This can work for anyone."



"The benefits of colour are more than meets the eye!"